Sustainable trendsetters M&S have launched a sustainable product line including our tubes made from recycled materials.

Formulated with sustainable Charcoal CRUSH™ derived from the left over particles during the production of barbecue charcoal, in a process where absolutely nothing goes to waste. The charcoal is made from 100% sustainably harvested oak leftover from the production of cleft oak fencing. The oak is then transformed into charcoal and any small pieces not suitable for cooking are collected and run through a sieve to creatFe Charcoal CRUSH™. Any remaining leftovers from this process are used for animal feed. Charcoal CRUSH™ is a trademark of Upcycled Beauty Ltd.

Marks & Spencer’s tubes and closures are produced with carbon-free black and 57% post-consumer recycled plastics in the tube sleeve.
Due to our co-extrusion we are able to make use of a thin virgin inner-layer, so the product does not come in touch with recycled plastics.



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Transparent tubes with 30% PCR

Transparent tubes with 30% PCR

Multitubes' PCR streams

Multitubes offers two streams of recycled materials.


Heks*nkaas, a famous Dutch dip, introduced an award winning tube solution for their existing product.
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