Recycled tube packaging

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✓ ISO 9001 certified
✓ Tubes made with 100% recycled plastic

Multitubes is driven by innovation in the techniques for recycled tube packaging. In 2010 we introduced flexo & silkscreen printing to the world of tube packaging, a revolutionary technique that became the standard that we know today. Later that year we became the world’s first tube producer to offer 100% bio-based packaging. We continued our search to a circular economy and offered a wide pallet of recycled tube and other packaging solutions in 2018, up to 100%. Since 2021 we are waste-neutral and offer a completely in-house operated pre-consumer (food-approved) recycled plastic stream.

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Recycled tube packaging for a sustainable future

Back in 2010, Multitubes’ focus shifted to sustainability. We introduced 100% bio-based tubes as world’s first company to do so. Just a few years later, we started trials with recycled tube packaging material and we currently offer a wide pallet of post-consumer recycled plastic and food-approved pre-consumer recycled plastic.

Tubes machine - Multitubes
Tubes machine - Multitubes

Recyclable barrier

Many brands use ABL due to their demand of a high-barrier. However, ABL is non-recyclable due to its multi-material composition. We offer seven-layered extruded tubes. With this technique we are able to offer ABL-matching barriers, whilst having a 100% recyclable pack. Due to our ultra-strong EVOH, we are capable of remaining underneath 5% of EVOH, which is considered to be the standard for recycling companies worldwide.

Overprintable foil

Many of our decoration lines allow the options to overprint cold-foil, creating unique effects and multiple colours of foil in one design. Besides recycled tube packaging, this is also a cost-efficient way to provide your tubes with foil.

Non-label look

Labelling is an amazing solution for some designs and it offers a high degree of flexibility. However, some clients don’t like the fact that it’s visible that the label is glued onto the tube. Therefore, we developed the non-label look, an overlapping label that is sealed onto the tube together with the label, so that the image appears to be printed onto the tube.

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