As one of Europe's leading manufacturers of plastic tubes, caps and custom packaging, we understand and take our responsibility towards a more sustainable future.

Since many years one of our top priorities is reducing our CO2 emission, but also offering many efficacious options to our customers enabling them to reduce their carbon footprint.

We have divided our sustainable solutions into three pillars; recycle, renew, reduce.
Click on each pillar to see it's solutions.

Did you know multitubes in 2023...

... recycled 350.000 kilo of poly-ethylene?

... recycled 45.000 kilo of poly-propylene?

... recycled 18.000 kilo of silicone coated paper?

.... converted over 12,5 million tubes made from regular material to renewable materials?

... used 100% green energy?


Request the Sustainable Truth, our PDF that informs you about our process and the sustainable solutions we offer our customers.

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