PET and other plastic tube packaging

✓ State-of-the-art machine park
✓ ISO 9001 certified
✓ Tubes made with 100% recycled plastic

If you want to produce PET or other plastic tube packaging for your product, of course you want the most sustainable solution. Unfortunately, plastic waste is one of the major environmental issues of today. To contribute to a better future, it is necessary that we find innovative solutions for producing PET and other plastic tube packaging. This is a good reason to call upon the assistance of Multitubes. Since 1999, we have continually developed our design and production techniques to offer sustainable and high-quality tube- and non-tube packaging products. We are happy to tell you more about how we can serve your company.

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A complete service for creating your PET and other plastic tube packaging

Whether you want to start a large- or small-scale production project for your tube packaging, Multitubes serves your business in a complete way. From our production facilities in the Netherlands and Belgium, we carry out projects for our clients throughout Europe. We work with manufacturing equipment with which we make (tube) packaging products from polyethylene, polypropylene and PET. We also have various sales offices in Europe, from where we communicate with our clients about, for example, their PET and other plastic tube packaging projects. You can also use our services for a custom project and you always benefit from our sustainable packaging solutions: recycle, renew, and reduce.

Tubes machine - Multitubes
Tubes machine - Multitubes

Exchange ideas about your future project

Do you have specific ideas about your tube packaging project? For example, do you want to market a unique shower gel or food product? Contact our experts, discuss your preferences and ask for professional advice about your project. You can reach us at +31 (0) 75 65 72 493 (Netherlands) or +32 (0) 60 48 01 60 (Belgium), or by filling in the contact form.