Shower gel packaging

✓ State-of-the-art machine park
✓ ISO 9001 certified
✓ Tubes made with 100% recycled plastic

Do you want to successfully market a shower gel of your business with high-quality packaging? Multitubes is happy to be your partner. We are Europe’s leading tube manufacturers and offer sustainable tube- and non-tube packaging solutions. Thanks to our custom-made tube packaging, you are ensured of a unique shower gel product, whether you require a large- or small-scale production. Enquire about the possibilities for your business!

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A sustainable solution for your shower gel packaging

A better future of the planet can be reached by contributing to a circular economy. To tackle the problem of overconsumption of today, sustainable solutions are more necessary than ever before. Multitubes serves companies in designing and producing a unique shower gel packaging, while applying environmentally-friendly production methods. Recycle, renew and reduce are our three pillars which we pursue to guarantee our sustainable solutions. This will not only enable fast and cost-efficient production of your shower gel packaging and a great contribution to a better future, but it will also significantly boost your company’s image.

Tubes machine - Multitubes
Tubes machine - Multitubes

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Call upon the help of our experts and count on a complete service for your shower gel packaging. Our team of 110 enthusiastic and experienced employees is happy to inform you about our way of working. Please contact us at +31 (0) 75 65 72 493 (Netherlands) or +32 (0) 60 48 01 60 (Belgium), or fill in the contact form.