Custom-made tube packaging

✓ State-of-the-art machine park
✓ ISO 9001 certified
✓ Tubes made with 100% recycled plastic

Besides plastic extruded tubes, Multitubes also produces custom-made tube packaging.
This can be both tube- as non-tube-related projects. We employ technical developers and engineers and we are therefore able to develop project cost-efficiently and fast. Multitubes possesses manufacturing equipment with which we manufacture custom-made tube packaging from polyethylene, polypropylene, and PET. A brief overview of some recent projects can be found below.

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Custom-made tube packaging: shaving system

Multitubes co-developed this custom-designed six-component bi-injected and compression moulded neck/plug/cap solution for a leading British consumer goods multinational (38.000 FTE). Multitubes provided conceptual assistance and technical feasibility of the concept of this custom-made tube packaging.

Industrial nozzle & overcap

Multitubes co-developed this custom-designed and -made tube nozzle packaging and matching cap for a Dutch multinational (46.000 FTE), active in the paint- and performance coating industry. We provided conceptual assistance, development and manufacturing of the tools. We assemble and manufacture over 10 million units per annum and take care of tool maintenance.

Tubes machine - Multitubes
Tubes machine - Multitubes

Tamper-evident closure

Multitubes developed tamper evident caps (first-user guarantee) in 40 and 50mm, orifices 1mm, 3mm, 5mm and 8mm. Suitable for all branches and they are currently being used by big food and cosmetic brands.

Deodorant applicator

We developed an applicator for an existing screw-thread. End-consumers can screw in their tubes and easily apply deodorant.

Lightweight closure & neck

We developed light-weight necks and a matching light-weight fliptop cap family in 3 diameters covering clients’ needs from 50ml up to 300ml.

Bottle, powder valve & closure

We developed a bottle, plug and cap for a British pharmaceutical multinational (99.000 FTE). Multitubes provided technical assistance during development of the tools. We also took care of tool maintenance and, since the launching date, we have manufactured over 10 million units.

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Besides large-scale projects for custom-made tube packaging, for example for multinationals, we also provide clients with low-quantity tube packaging. We’ll happily tell you more about our projects and discuss what we can do for your business. Call us at +31 (0) 75 65 72 493 (Netherlands) or +32 (0) 60 48 01 60 (Belgium) or fill in the contact form. You can also request a brochure about custom-made tube packaging below.