In 2024, Multitubes launched a tube that will biodegrade in a few months in landfill, soil, or sea water or industrial composting.  No micro or nano plastics, no costly PLA and no plastic fragmenting technology.

These tubes have no change in their features and can still be recycled in conventional recycling systems.

Not only will this make your products environmentally sustainable, and can be included in your mandatory sustainability reports (CSRD) ; but it will also create huge marketing opportunities and unique selling points for your business.

The biodegradation is certified by Intertek, which allows you to have their Green Leaf mark.

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. This solution is 100% organic.
  2. We do not create micro or nano plastics.
  3. The tubes can still be recycled in conventional recycling systems.
  4. This does not reduce the shelf life of the product.
  5. The tubes are FDA and EU approved for food safe products.
  6. Only leave a natural compostable by-product.

For more information, please contact our head of sustainability; Roemer Zijp (

A word from Roemer: This innovations allows us to go full circle. It should not replace recycled content or stop you from designing your packaging for recyclability, but should be added to fully close the waste stream. It provides the ultimate solution for packs which are not recycled and avoids microplastics. A must for every future pack.

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