Multitubes offers two streams of recycled materials.


Stream 1 is a closed-loop, clean post-consumer recycled LDPE/LLDPE stream.

Gained from pallet bags that are used by Dutch manufacturers.


This is 100% post-consumer (certified by Ecoloop).

Therefore, it is by definition not food-approved.


We however, have the possibility to produce our tubes in several layers (5-layers and 7-layers).

We can also adjust the thickness of each layer.


Meaning we can produce a thin inside layer of virgin material that is in contact with your product.

The other layers we can fill-up with PCR (a total percentage of 80% PCR), or we can put an EVOH barrier in between the virgin layer and PCR layer (a total percentage of 57% PCR).


We offer 4 standard Post-Consumer rPE tubes;

  1. 23% PCR, within the middle layers of the tube. Leaving the tubes very white, avoiding PCR contact with product
  2. 57% PCR, (bio)virgin inner-layer, EVOH protection barrier (<5%), PCR outside layer. Avoiding PCR contact with product and protection from migration.
  3. 80% PCR, (bio)virgin inner-layer. Avoiding PCR contact with product.
  4. 100% PCR.


The inside layer, that is in contact with your product, can be produced in virgin BIO material or from our pre-consumer recycled stream, which is food approved;



Stream 2: this pre-consumer recycled stream mentioned above, is a waste stream that we control ourselves from A to Z.

We collect all our production waste and regrind this in-house on our dedicated recycling line.


We documented this process and made short video which you can see by clicking here.


We separate our streams in different colors; pure white, light colored and dark colored.

By doing so we can offer tubes which are white or colored in the same brightness as virgin materials.


Due to this material you can have different options of recycled packaging whilst your product is not in touch with post-consumer recycled material;


Example 1;         inside layer Pre-CR PE – EVOH barrier (or not) – Post-CR PE outside layer           =             100% recycled plastic, 57% post-consumer recycled plastic, food-grade inner-layer

Example 2;         fully produced in Pre-CR PE                                                                                                      =             100% recycled plastic, food-grade pack


All this recycled content can also be combined with a tube designed for recyclability, which is 100% recyclable.



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