Heks*nkaas, a famous Dutch dip, introduced an award winning tube solution for their existing product.

The consumers’ response were laudatory.


Customer reviews

Heksn*nkaas is a perfect dip. But you can use it in a much wider variety, especially now that it’s packed in a tube. The mouthpiece of the tube provides a handy touch. For example, to fill a boiled egg. – Food critic Wes van Geneijgen (eatly.nl)

Original in a handy tube. Fun and easy: just remove the cap and squeeze. – ab-magazine.nl

Thanks to the handy tube it is now also very easy to fill your Bugles chips with it, very tasty. But of course you can do a lot more with it… – Jouvence.nl

Normally I make a sauce or grab the honey mustard dressing, but with HEKS’NKAAS® in a tube, this combination turned out to be very tasty. – Nikki Rowe (lodiblogt.nl)


Best Introduction 2020 Award

“Commercially interesting addition, because it responds to our need as retailers to surprise and tempt the customer to inspiration and increase spending. Easy to use and clear message on the packaging.”

Full report and interview (Dutch); https://lnkd.in/gv-pkhq




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