The below tube, shoulder and flip top cap are made from 100% polyethylene and fit every recycling stream in the world.
Available from 50ml up to 400ml.

This solution can be used in combination with bio based and recycled materials and can be printed in the most premium techniques.




Why mono-material?

By brining down several raw materials to 1 material you optimize your pack for it’s journey after use.

100% of the raw materials used will be recycled, meaning no materials used to produce this tube will be lost after use.

Big and small brands are moving away from multi-material packaging. For this we offer the perfect solution.


Our mono-material tubes are also available with ABL-matching barriers and in an airless solution.


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Transparent tubes with 30% PCR

Transparent tubes with 30% PCR

Multitubes' PCR streams

Multitubes offers two streams of recycled materials.

Marks & Spencer's make use of PCR

Sustainable trendsetters M&S have launched a sustainable product line including our tubes made from recycled materials.
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